Ceramic Braces


Have you noticed that some of your friends are getting braces? Has an orthodontist told you that you need them too? Although braces are an exciting time for some, you may be feeling differently.

Perhaps you’re concerned about how braces will make you look. That’s understandable; plenty of our younger patients are, and we certainly don’t want you to feel uneasy about getting braces. That’s why Charleston Orthodontic Specialists gives you options when it comes to finding braces that will make you feel confident.

Between color, mascot and wild smile braces you have several choices to consider. If you’re hesitant about braces because of the way they’ll make you look, then our orthodontist may suggest ceramic braces instead.

How are Ceramic Braces Different?

The ceramic mimics the color of your teeth, allowing them to discreetly improve the look of your smile. Because ceramic braces are less noticeable, they are more cosmetically appealing, which benefits you if you have cosmetic concerns about braces.

While you’re able to enjoy the way ceramic braces make you look, they’re still working in the same way as other braces would. Significant tooth-crowding, an overbite or underbite, buck teeth, and more are all capable of being corrected with ceramic braces.

Although ceramic braces may look different than color braces, the way that you care for them remains the same. Ceramic braces still require the same oral hygiene practices, which include brushing after every meal and flossing daily.

Our orthodontist will go over the best and most efficient ways to clean your teeth as well as provide you with the necessary hygiene tools to keep your teeth and braces in pristine condition.

Interested in Ceramic Braces?

Our orthodontist can help you decide whether ceramic braces are right for you. First, we’ll have you come in for an examination to check the alignment of your teeth along with your bite position. Based on what our orthodontist sees, they will choose a treatment option that will correct your particular issues swiftly and efficiently.

We’ll also consider things like how much braces cost and any cosmetic concerns you have about the way braces might make you look. Our orthodontist will design a treatment plan just for you, on how to move your teeth gradually and into an appealing and healthy position.

We want to make sure that we’re treating your particular issues with a highly effective solution, so we’ll work hard to find a treatment option that improves your oral health and fits into your lifestyle.

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You can talk to our orthodontist more about your options with braces as well as any concerns you have about they way they will make you look. Feel free to contact Charleston Orthodontic Specialists at 843-642-8100 and schedule a free initial exam to learn more about ceramic braces and whether they are right for you!