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At Charleston Orthodontic Specialists, we understand that each and every patient is unique, each with a different personality, different lifestyle and different budget. From color braces and gold braces to clear braces that are practically invisible without a second glance to Clemson Tiger and USC Gamecock mascot braces, we offer a variety of products to fit your character and can customize a treatment plan that fits your specific needs. Schedule your Free Exam today!

Why You Might Need an Orthodontic Specialist

People decide to see an orthodontist for different reasons. Some have always been ashamed of their teeth and want to finally be able to smile with confidence. Others may be experiencing pain or discomfort. Parents may be seeking orthodontic treatment for their child whose smile isn’t as straight and healthy as it could be.

Whatever the reason, Dr. Nick Savastano and his amazing team can help, just like they’ve helped hundreds of patients in the Charleston area. Because of their dedication to their patients and their profession, Charleston Orthodontic Specialists has won many awards, including Lowcountry Parent's Mom's Choice, Mount Pleasant Magazine's Best of Mount Pleasant, Summerville Journal Scene's Readers’ Choice, Charleston Hulafrog’s Most Loved Orthodontist, and Charleston City Paper’s Best Orthodontic Practice.

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Invisible Alignment in 9 Months or Less

Consider Invisalign® to get the beautiful straight teeth you’ve always wanted–without traditional braces. A free exam with one of our doctors can determine if Invisalign is right for you.

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Braces Offered by Charleston Orthodontic Specialists

If you or your child needs treatment, we offer a wide variety of options. In addition to traditional silver braces, we also offer:

  • Ceramic braces - Work as hard as metal braces, but the clear brackets and lighter colored wire make them less noticeable.
  • Gold braces - Brackets and wires are gold-colored stainless steel for a stunning look and great result.
  • Champagne braces - A unique look that combines silver and gold brackets and wires.
  • Color braces - Kids love changing the colored bands on their silver braces to celebrate holidays, show their school spirit, or just rock their favorite combinations.
  • WildSmiles - Who says braces have to be boring? These cool braces have brackets shaped like flowers, stars, footballs, and more. Designed by an orthodontist, these braces are as effective as regular braces, just more fun!
  • Mascot Braces - No matter their age, sports fans will love supporting their favorite team with Mascot Braces! We are the exclusive provider of Clemson and USC Mascot Braces in the Lowcountry, and we offer brackets for other college teams as well.

We care about your family's budget, and we want to make paying for braces less stressful. That's why we have flexible payment options and accept ALL insurance plans. Need to make other payment arrangements? We're here to help. Call our office today!

Invisalign in Mount Pleasant and Charleston

Although kids and teens usually come to mind when thinking about orthodontic treatment, we have many adult patients as well. Invisalign is a great option for adults who don’t want people to know they’re working on their smile, and there is even an option for teens.

  • Invisalign Complete - This is the longest, most extensive treatment available from Invisalign, and it can handle most orthodontic issues.
  • Invisalign Lite - In about nine months, Invisalign Lite can correct mild to moderate overcrowding, alignment issues, and small gaps.
  • Invisalign Express - If you have just one or two teeth slightly out of place, Invisalign can get them where they need to be in two months or less.
  • Invisalign Teen - For those teens who are self-conscious about having braces, Invisalign created an invisible treatment just for them. Compliance indicators, free replacement trays and room for last-minute molars separate this treatment from adult Invisalign.

If you are asking yourself, "Where is the best orthodontist near me?", whether you are in Mount Pleasant, Summerville, West Ashley, or anywhere else in the Charleston area, look no further than Charleston Orthodontic Specialists.

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We care about your family's budget, and we want to make paying for braces less stressful. That's why we have flexible payment options and accept ALL insurance plans. Need to make other payment arrangements? We're here to help. Click below to learn more now!