Braces and Peer Pressure

Braces & peer pressure

Ah, yes…your peers. There’s always someone who has something to say, and everyone seems to have an opinion. Let’s be honest, everyone is entitled to their own opinion which means even if that opinion doesn’t match your own, it doesn’t mean it’s wrong. When it comes to braces, there are a lot of opinions running around out there, but the truth is, it’s up to you to decide the right option for you and your needs. Here’s how to deal with braces and peer pressure.

Starting Treatment

Braces is a big undertaking. Not only does it take time, it’s also an investment, but in most instances that investment is completely worth it in the end. When it comes to starting treatment, you may get push-back from people who think maybe braces aren’t for you. They may wonder why you’re going to put yourself through all of it or why you think you need to start treatment to begin with, but remember, just because they don’t think it’s necessary doesn’t mean they’re right. It’s important to follow through with what you think is the best step for you. If you’ve been referred to an orthodontist by your general dentist, it’s most likely because you have an orthodontic issue that needs to be addressed, and it’s important to address the issue before it gets worse.

Treatment Options

Nowadays, there are many different options when it comes to straightening your teeth. What may work for someone else may not work for you. That’s why it’s important to choose the product that will work for your situation, not someone else’s. You may meet someone who swears by Invisalign, yet you know it would be difficult for you personally to remember to wear your aligners for the required amount of time each day. You may decide traditional metal braces are right for you. No matter what you decide, decide it for yourself, not based on what others are telling you. Speak with your orthodontist about the best treatment options for you. They won’t steer you wrong.

Dealing with Teasing

There are so many people with braces now, teasing rarely occurs. If it does occur, however, just remember why you started on this journey to begin with, take a couple deep breaths and try the following:

  • Ignore it
  • Diffuse the situation by making light of the comment
  • Keep the end goal in mind
  • Don’t let it get you down
  • Think about the beautiful smile that awaits

The reason some people tease can be a mystery. Perhaps they’re just jealous they aren’t on their way to getting a perfect smile. It’s not your burden to bear, so keep your chin up.

Dealing with Peer Pressure

In some instances, the “everyone is doing it” effect can be positive, especially if you are on the fence about getting braces. Seeing other people sporting braces makes it no big deal, and seeing the end results makes it all worth it. Just remember, you can’t control what others say to you, but you can control how you react and deal with certain issues. Keep your head held high…you’re on your way to a beautiful smile. Don’t let anyone take that away from you!

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