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Types of Braces: WildSmiles and Mascot Braces

In the final post of our series describing the different types of braces available, we’re going over some of the newest designs in braces development. Using the same technology as traditional silver braces, WildSmiles is anything but traditional. It allows you to personalize your brackets and bring a unique look to your orthodontic treatment.

What Is WildSmiles?

WildSmiles was developed over 10 years ago by Dr. Clarke Stevens. He has been in the forefront of designer braces that take the patient’s interest into account when creating their braces. As the only provider of designer brackets, WildSmiles provides a unique opportunity for patients to express themselves through their orthodontic treatment.

Don’t be worried about these special brackets having any impact on your treatment time though. Usually, traditional braces take anywhere from 18 to 30 months. WildSmiles is purely an aesthetic enhancing option.

The different bracket designs allow for numerous choices in creativity and individualism:

  • Flowers
  • Hearts
  • Sports Balls
  • Stars
  • Footballs
  • Super-Diamonds

Mascot Braces

Everyone in South Carolina knows the USC and Clemson rivalry is unparalleled. Choose your side by representing your favorite team’s mascot logo to go on your brackets.

Invented by WildSmiles, Mascot Braces use the same technology to bring you different designs based on your favorite sports team.

Choose either the Clemson Tiger paw or the USC Football logo to sport (pun not intended) on your teeth and show off your team spirit!

How Do They Work?

Both WildSmiles and Mascot Braces work just the same as traditional metal braces. The brackets are put on your teeth using a special adhesive and a wire is then connected through all of them to push your teeth into place.

Unlike regular braces, WildSmiles technology designs the brackets so they are a little larger than the traditional squares. This decreases the accumulation of plaque directly on the teeth. Although this is a great feature, it doesn’t mean you should brush your teeth any less. You still have to brush and floss just like normal.

If blending into the crowd isn’t for you, check out WildSmiles and Mascot Braces to show off your individualism and express yourself during your time with braces!

Call us today at (843) 4-BRACES to schedule your initial exam and learn more about WildSmiles and Mascot Braces. We are the exclusive provider of Clemson Tiger and USC Gamecock braces!


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