The Benefits of Having Braces the Same Time as Your Child

Happy mother & daughter

As parents, we often set aside our own needs to take care of our children, including when it comes to our oral health. If both you and your child need orthodontic treatment, chances are you will get braces for your child before you get them for yourself. We hear moms and dads in our office say it all the time: “Yes, my teeth are crooked, but I need to get my kids through braces first.”

Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Get Braces

Unfortunately, as well-intentioned as waiting to get yourself braces may seem, it can actually do more harm than good. Our teeth are constantly moving, so the longer you wait the more crooked your teeth will be, which may cause you to need more extensive treatment. What might have once been fixable with a few months of Invisalign Lite might now require full Invisalign or braces that take longer and may cost more.

Having Braces at the Same Time Can Be a Bonding Experience

Getting braces is a life-changing experience. During treatment, special care must be taken to keep teeth healthy and clean, certain foods must be avoided to keep from damaging braces, and teeth must be protected while playing sports or doing other types of physical activity. Occasional soreness when braces are first put on or adjusted needs to be dealt with until it subsides.

Having someone to talk to about this experience can really help your child adjust, and who better to share it with than their mom or dad? And, when your treatments are complete, you can both show off your new, spectacular smiles together.

Same Oral Hygiene and Dietary Needs

Most parents don’t want to be short-order cooks in their own kitchens, but when a child has braces, there are certain foods that are better for their teeth than others. If you are making softer foods after your child has their braces adjusted or are avoiding foods that can damage brackets and wires, you may as well have braces that require those same things too so you don’t have to worry about these issues again down the road.

The same goes for oral hygiene. If you’re going to be reminding your child to brush after every meal and providing them with flossers to make keeping their teeth clean easier, you should have braces too that require the same level of care and equipment.

Multiple Family Member Discounts

We often talk about the discounts we give to our patients when two or more children have braces at the same time. But this discount also applies to families who have a parent and child receiving orthodontic treatment at the same time. While this certainly doesn’t mean having both of you in braces will cost the same as just your child getting braces, it definitely helps reduce the cost for both of you.

We know you’d do a million things for your kids—we would too. But setting aside your dental health shouldn’t be one of them. Give us a call at (843) 4-BRACES to learn more about orthodontic treatment for your child AND you.

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