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Showing School Spirit with Mascot Braces

People often have mixed feelings about getting braces due to the adjustments they need to make for the duration of their treatment and the nerves that come with the new appearance. Ultimately, the process of going through an orthodontic treatment leads to the smile you’ve always wanted for years to come, as well as better oral health.

While it’s certainly great to look forward to the end result, you can still have fun with your braces during your orthodontic treatment. In fact, your braces offer you the perfect opportunity to go all out with your school spirit or support your favorite team by wearing mascot braces.

What Are Mascot Braces?

Traditional braces with metal brackets don’t actually have to look the way they normally do. The metal brackets can be used in creative ways, including to show school spirit. Mascot Braces use metal brackets that are shaped to depict your favorite college team’s mascot, allowing you to go the extra mile to support them.

The mascot brackets are made of medical-grade steel, giving them the strength they need to work well with your orthodontic treatment. They are just as safe and effective as normal braces and won’t add to the duration of your orthodontic treatment.

Why Choose Mascot Braces?

Having braces is a unique experience you will have for only a short period of time. Instead of just trying to get through it, you can take advantage of the unique opportunity to exercise creativity and demonstrate your school spirit. And with the school year starting up again and with college football underway, now is a perfect time. It is also something unique and fun that can help you get over any potential anxiety you may have about having braces.

Instead of trying to hide your smile or feeling embarrassed during your time with braces, you can be excited and show off your smile with confidence. And when it comes to supporting your school’s team, why pass up the opportunity to show the ultimate school spirit?

How Do I Get Mascot Braces?

You can support your local school teams on both sides of the most prominent local rivalry. Mascot Braces are available for both the Clemson Tigers and the USC Gamecocks. In fact, Charleston Orthodontic Specialists is the only provider of Mascot Braces in the area for these teams.

Your options aren’t limited to our local teams, however. You can get brackets for 18 different college teams. In addition to representing your favorite teams, you can also choose WildSmiles Braces in different sports ball shapes.

Colored Bands to Match School Colors

Mascot Braces are cool, but what if you want to support your middle school or high school team? While custom brackets are available for these school years, you can still show your team spirit with colored braces. The bands that attach the wires to the brackets on your teeth come in 28 different colors, so you can choose bands in your school colors and wear them proudly on your braces!

To reserve your spot to get Mascot Braces or learn more about adding some color to your smile, simply call Charleston Orthodontic Specialists at (843) 4-BRACES to schedule a free initial exam.

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