Eating Breakfast with Braces

Braces safe breakfast food

Breakfast. The most important meal of the day, according to doctors and other healthcare professionals. What you eat for breakfast has the potential to set you up for a day of fulfillment and energy, so choosing foods wisely is key. When you have braces, it’s also important to be aware of the foods you can eat to maintain success with your treatment plan. After all, damage to your braces is not ideal and can tack time on to your treatment, so listening to your orthodontist is imperative. When it comes to eating breakfast with braces, here are some helpful tips and tricks.

Breakfast Foods to Eat and to Avoid

Having a meal packed with nutrients is essential to a balanced diet, so being sure to avoid sugary cereals and pastries is important, not to mention better for your overall oral hygiene. Sugary cereals can be hard to chew as well, which can damage your brackets or wires. The same goes for chewy, tough meats, like bacon, which also has a tendency to wreak havoc on your braces. Instead, stick to foods that are easy to eat and good for you. These include:

  • Eggs
  • Yogurt
  • Cottage cheese
  • Pancakes

Soft foods that are rich in nutrients not only set you up for a successful day, they also help you maintain good oral health and stay on track with your orthodontic treatment.

Eating with Braces

Now that you’ve chosen the breakfast foods that work with your braces, you’ll also need to be mindful of how you eat. You’ll need to be sure to eat slowly and chew your food properly. In eating too quickly, not only do you run the risk of digestive issues, you may also damage your braces. With too much food in your mouth, you can also risk choking. It’s best to cut your food up into manageable pieces to avoid any potential health risks and ensure you’re taking care not to damage your braces. In learning to eat properly, you’re adopting good habits that will be beneficial even after your braces come off.

Your Breakfast Routine

After your meal is complete, you’re ready to move on to the next portion of your breakfast routine…oral hygiene. It’s important to make sure your teeth and gums are clean and free from food debris before embarking on your busy day. If you’re able, try to brush and floss after your meal, or if you’re somewhere without a sink, carry a water bottle, so you can rinse your mouth out with water. It’s recommended to carry a travel kit that contains a toothbrush, toothpaste, floss and mouthwash with you, so you’re always prepared, no matter where you are eating breakfast. Adopting proper oral hygiene techniques is essential at all points in life, not just when you have braces, so keep these good habits going, even after your treatment is complete.

Breakfast with Braces

Eating breakfast with braces can be easy if you listen to your orthodontist and choose foods that are beneficial to your wellbeing. Remember, avoid the sugary stuff and opt for nutrient-rich foods that are easy to eat, and eat carefully. Finally, be sure to finish off your breakfast time with a good brush and floss session. Yes, breakfast sets the tone of the entire day, so make it count. Enjoy a good breakfast and take care of your smile.

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