Mascot Braces®

A rivary for the braces

What if, instead of wearing plain old braces, you could sport your smile? With Mascot Braces®, you can show off your team spirit throughout your orthodontic treatment.

Charleston Orthodontic Specialists is the exclusive provider of Clemson Tiger and USC Gamecock braces, and they’re being requested by the hour! Reserve your appointment today to get your Mascot Braces!

What Are Mascot Braces?

Mascot Braces by WildSmiles® is your way of representing your favorite sports team. Each bracket comes in the shape of your team’s mascot, making you the ultimate team fanatic. As the official Clemson Tiger and USC gamecock braces provider in Charleston we have access also to other teams if you have another preference

Like WildSmiles, Mascot Braces are composed of medical-grade steel, just like silver or color braces. You’re receiving the same comprehensive treatment; the only difference is the creativity involved. Rather than square metal brackets, you’ll receive custom brackets containing your college logo of choice.

Benefits of Mascot Braces

You may not feel too thrilled about receiving braces, but you have plenty of options that will help make your treatment fun and unique. Mascot Braces are just one way that you can express your individuality during treatment, and Charleston Orthodontic Specialists is here to help you do just that.

When you decide to receive Mascot Braces, you’re getting the same high-quality care as you would with any orthodontic treatment because the goal is to provide you with a healthy and beautiful smile. Your treatment duration will also remain unaffected, allowing you to straighten your teeth in a reasonable amount of time. Dr. Savastano will help you understand what life will be like with braces and help you make the most of your treatment.

Adding an exciting twist to your braces enhances the patient experience and will make you feel proud of your smile if you are self-conscious. You can learn more about Mascot Braces and reserve your spot by scheduling an appointment at Charleston Orthodontic Specialists. Call 843-642-8100 to get started on your treatment.

Other teams we can custom order include:

georgia bulldog    florida gator