WildSmiles Braces

Wildsmiles brackets
What Are WildSmiles?

Instead of dreading getting braces, what if your child had a reason to look forward to it?

WildSmiles braces add a touch of creativity to your child's orthodontic treatment. The brackets are composed of the same medical-grade stainless steel as traditional braces, but instead of boring squares, they can choose a variety of shapes.

WildSmiles offers hearts, circles, footballs, stars, flowers, and diamonds as bracket options, allowing your child to make their orthodontic treatment completely unique. They can mix and match brackets to get the look they want and still choose colorful elastic bands to make braces even more personalized and fun.

The manufacturer of WildSmiles also offers Mascot Braces, with brackets in the shapes of your favorite college teams. We are the exclusive provider of Clemson Tiger and USC Gamecock braces in the Charleston area.

How Is Treatment with WildSmiles Different?

Because they were created by an orthodontist, treatment with WildSmiles is no different than what your child would receive with traditional braces. Although the treatment duration will vary depending on the severity of the case, you can expect WildSmiles to straighten your child's teeth in the same amount of time as other braces.

Our priority at Charleston Orthodontic Specialists will always be to create healthy, spectacular smiles. With WildSmiles, your child is getting the same quality treatment while adding some pizazz to the process.

If you are curious about WildSmiles and would like to find out if they are right for your child, contact Charleston Orthodontic Specialists at (843) 642-8100 to schedule an appointment for a free exam. Your child can enjoy working toward a smile they will love!