Invisalign First®

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Find out if Invisalign First in Mt Pleasant is right for your child

Invisalign isn’t just for teens and adults anymore. Invisalign First is clear aligner treatment designed for kids between the ages of 7 and 10.

What Does Invisalign First Do?

While the majority of kids don’t need to start treatment with braces or Invisalign until they have most of their adult teeth, some kids benefit greatly from early treatment. This treatment has generally consisted of palatal expanders and other types of appliances, or partial sets of braces.

Invisalign First gives children and their parents another option. It works the same way Invisalign for adults and teens does, just on a smaller scale. Clear plastic aligners are worn to slowly move teeth into their desired positions. Generally treatment is shorter for children because their teeth are easier to move and they wear each set of aligners for a few days instead of one or two weeks.

Should My Child Get Invisalign First?

Most adults are skeptical about using a removable treatment with young kids, however, orthodontists have found that patients at this age are a good fit for a few reasons:

  • They tend to be rule-followers
  • They want to be like their older siblings, cousins, parents, or other adults they know who have used Invisalign
  • The want to prove they are grown-up enough to take on the responsibility of their own treatment

Does this mean Invisalign First is right for your child? It depends on their personality and treatment needs. Schedule a free exam at Charleston Orthodontic Specialists and speak to one of our qualified orthodontists to determine if it can fix your child’s dental issues, then decide if your child is ready for the responsibility of caring for and wearing the aligners.