Is Diet Soda Bad for My Teeth?

Always thought as the better alternative, but is diet soda just as bad for your teeth as normal soda?

There’s never a time when it isn’t important to take good care of your teeth, but it’s especially important to stay on top of oral hygiene during orthodontic treatment. One popular beverage that is notoriously problematic for teeth is soda. While many people opt for diet sodas as an alternative, there are still some concerns…

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The Different Types of Teeth

COS Mount Pleasant giving more information about the different kinds of teeth!

Getting orthodontic treatment will improve your smile and the overall health of your teeth. While you’ll notice most of the difference when you smile and see your straight front teeth, orthodontic treatment is beneficial for all teeth in your mouth. Before you start orthodontic treatment, it helps to know more about the various types of…

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A Healthy Smile Is Important at Any Age

It’s a common misconception that taking care of your smile only needs to happen when you’re young. Your parents took you to the dentist regularly growing up, you may have tackled the issues with the alignment of your teeth and you learned all about proper oral hygiene habits at school. However, once you ventured out…

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Tips for Keeping Your Teeth Healthy During Cold and Flu Season

how to keep teeth healthy during cold and flu season

It’s the time of year when life gets a little bit more stressful. The holidays are approaching, the weather is getting cooler, and you just feel like you’re running a mile a minute. This is also the time when our bodies can become tired and rundown, causing us to get sick. Yes, cold and flu…

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Can I Get Braces If I Have Sensitive Teeth?

sensitive teeth

Having sensitive teeth can be a challenge. Hot and cold foods can irritate your teeth and simply applying pressure can cause you to wince in pain, so how will you ever be able to handle braces? You may not realize this, but tooth sensitivity can be caused by everyday things you’re doing that can be…

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How You Can Prevent Jaw Pain

What Is TMD? One type of jaw pain is temporomandibular joint disorder, or TMD. People experience TMD due to issues with the joints in the jaw or sometimes the actual jaw muscles. TMD can become fairly disruptive in some cases, causing significant headaches, neck pain, or sometimes dizziness. Other signs of TMD include jaw popping…

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How to Eat a Sandwich with Braces

Out of all the adjustments you will need to make to successfully get through your time with braces, your eating habits will probably be the most noticeable. After all, when you get used to the feeling of braces being in your mouth, the times you eat and clean your teeth may be the only times…

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How to Avoid Staining Your Teeth with Braces

If you’re going through orthodontic treatment with braces, you’re no doubt looking forward to when you can get your braces off and see your bright, beautiful new smile. However, if you don’t take the right steps to take care of your teeth, you can end up unveiling teeth with more than one tone rather than…

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Should You Brush First or Floss First?

Here at Charleston Orthodontic Specialists, we care deeply about your overall oral health. Taking care of your teeth, whether it’s through the simple act of daily cleaning or getting orthodontic treatment, will give you more confidence while improving your health in other areas as well. Two essential ways to take care of your teeth are…

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The Vitamins and Minerals that Keep Teeth Healthy


So much of what we eat has a direct effect on our smiles. Keeping our teeth healthy and strong is a life-long journey and should be taken quite seriously. Problems with our teeth can erupt into even bigger problems, which can affect our entire body, so keeping an eye on what we eat and maintaining…

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