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Should I Get Braces Even if I’m 50?

aging and braces can go hand in hand! You're never to old for a beautiful smile

By: Dr. Lavonne Fore  When people picture someone who has braces, they likely imagine a middle schooler or high schooler. While this age is typically when patients go through orthodontic treatment to straighten their teeth with braces, adults can always benefit from having braces. Many college students and young adults get braces so they can…

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A Healthy Smile Is Important at Any Age

It’s a common misconception that taking care of your smile only needs to happen when you’re young. Your parents took you to the dentist regularly growing up, you may have tackled the issues with the alignment of your teeth and you learned all about proper oral hygiene habits at school. However, once you ventured out…

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Differences Between Child and Adult Orthodontic Treatment

When it comes to orthodontic treatment, there are misconceptions about who it benefits the most. The truth is, orthodontic treatment benefits both children and adults equally. Although there are some slight differences between child and adult orthodontic treatment, they are few and far between. Let’s delve into the world of orthodontics and how it can…

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Get Your Kids Excited About Braces

As an adult, you have the maturity and foresight to understand that getting the desired results you want for your smile will take some work, but it will be worth it in the end. However, you may find yourself having trouble getting your kids excited about getting braces. Luckily, there are more ways than ever…

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Taking Care of Ceramic Braces

When you visit us at Charleston Orthodontic Specialists for your free consultation, we will go over all of the options for your orthodontic treatment, including ceramic braces. This option works just the same as traditional silver braces, only the brackets are clear to minimize visibility. These braces are just as effective as regular braces, but…

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Why More Women Are Getting Orthodontic Treatment

more women are getting braces orthodontist st george south carolina

Juggling careers, family, social life and hobbies can be a struggle, which means taking care of yourself as a woman can sometimes fall by the wayside. Between work meetings, running errands, taking care of family, running kids around town and everything else, it can be tough to even think about orthodontic treatment. More and more…

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Best Orthodontic Treatment Options for Adults

best orthodontic treatment for adults orthodontist st george south carolina

Children can get excited when going to get their braces adjusted, because they get to pick new colors for their brackets. They get to express their individuality and style by combining their favorite colors, often choosing school colors or holiday colors; however, when you’re an adult, this isn’t something that is too exciting for you.…

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Showing School Spirit with Mascot Braces

Mascot braces orthodontist goose creek south carolina

People often have mixed feelings about getting braces due to the adjustments they need to make for the duration of their treatment and the nerves that come with the new appearance. Ultimately, the process of going through an orthodontic treatment leads to the smile you’ve always wanted for years to come, as well as better…

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How Important Are Rubber Bands When You Have Braces?

Rubber bands for Braces

You may have noticed someone with rubber bands in their mouth as they’re undergoing orthodontic treatment. Since everyone’s situation is a bit unique, not everyone needs to have rubber bands. That’s why you may see one person with them and one without. So, how important are rubber bands when you have braces? As it turns…

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Tips for Moms Who Want to Get Braces or Invisalign

moms who want to get braces orthodontist charleston south carolina

As a mom, we understand you’ve got a lot on your plate. Between shuttling your kids to various activities, working and making sure your family is taken care of, it can be a challenge to find time for you. When it comes to orthodontic treatment, many moms simply believe the time for that has passed…

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