Two Phase Treatment


There are situations when a patient has underlying jaw issues or habits which require early treatment to help rectify these issues. Sometimes, young patients can benefit from two-phase treatment, which combines both tooth-straightening and skeletal changes of the teeth and jaws.

During development, children may exhibit early signs of jaw problems, but if caught early we can identify these problem areas and begin correcting them. At Charleston Orthodontic Specialists, we perform two-phase treatment when needed as a way to create a healthy and functional smile as soon as possible. In general, about 10-15% of children aged 7-10 can benefit from some form of early phase treatment. The other 85-90% are monitored every 6-12 months on our free observation program until they are older and treatment is recommended. Any periodic x-rays or photos that are needed during this observation period are also free of charge.

Why Receive Two-Phase Treatment?

Tooth and jaw abnormalities can have detrimental effects on young child’s dental health and quality of life.

Discomfort related to specific dental issues can interfere with a child’s well-being and make it difficult to perform everyday tasks, like chewing or brushing, which is why we suggest addressing the issue early on if needed.

Also, it is important if you feel your child is being teased at school due to jaw or tooth related issues get them into our office. If they need early treatment for these issues early treatment can help. Also, we do have very affordable plans with most of our families putting $250 down and paying $145 month.

Once a child reaches six to seven years of age, they can visit our office and we will identify any issues with the jaws. From that point, we can recommend a course of treatment that will improve the function of the bite and smile if needed. We will suggest two-phase treatment if we feel a particular issue with the jaws and teeth will impact a child’s dental health later on and needs to be addressed now.

Early intervention with two-phase treatment can help prevent expensive and invasive dental and facial skeletal treatment as your child grows older. Rest assured that phase I in our office is only recommended on those patients we feel truly need it now and would be at a disadvantage dentally, skeletally, facially & socially by not doing treatment and waiting.

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Your child might be in need of two-phase treatment. To find out more about what each phase entails, or to learn whether your child could benefit from early prevention, contact Charleston Orthodontic Specialists at 843-642-8100 and schedule an appointment with our orthodontist.

With a thorough examination, we can determine whether your child needs early orthodontic treatment. Call today for more information!

What Happens During Phase One?

Phase one treatment targets the jaw mainly so the upper and lower jaw are in better alignment. This will ultimately affect the way the teeth fit together and many times have an impact on the position of the lips and soft tissue profile.

What Happens During Phase Two?

Treatment during Phase Two will ensure that the permanent teeth have the space they need to grow and develop correctly, which typically involves braces on the upper and lower teeth. Your orthodontist will make sure that each tooth is in a location that’s in harmony with the lips, cheeks, tongue and remaining teeth. Due to modern orthodontic advances including more efficient braces only 10% of our patients require extraction of permanent teeth during their orthodontic treatment. However, this does not include wisdom teeth and 90% or more of patients most likely will need their wisdom teeth taken out at some point during their late teens.