Platinum Braces

Discover platinum braces in Mt Pleasant and Charleston SC
Do Platinum Braces Work?

Platinum braces work the same way as traditional silver braces, which means they can correct the same orthodontic issues, like crooked or crowded teeth. Metal brackets are attached to your teeth and wires are connected to each bracket with small elastic bands, or ligatures. The wires are bent so they apply gentle pressure to your teeth to move them to their correct positions. 

Your orthodontist will have you come in for follow-up appointments to monitor your treatment, replacing the elastic bands or adjusting the wires as needed until you have a straight smile.

Should I Get Platinum Braces?

Because all types of braces work the same, which ones you use for your own treatment is up to you. Whether you pick silver, gold, clear, champagne, platinum, WildSmiles, or Mascot Braces, you will end up with a healthier, more attractive smile.

Platinum braces are unique for a couple of reasons. They are made from a different material than other metal braces that are made with nickel. If you have a nickel allergy, which is rare, you won’t have to worry about being allergic to your braces if you do platinum braces.

Platinum braces are lighter in color, making them appear more dainty and less noticeable than silver braces. If you tend to wear platinum jewelry, having braces that match is a very attractive option.

How Much Do Platinum Braces Cost?

Despite their name, which makes them sound expensive, platinum braces at Charleston Orthodontic Specialists are the same cost as all of our other metal braces.