Invisible (Lingual) Braces

Our office is one of the few in town that offer the new Harmony Lingual invisible braces from American Orthodontics. These braces use the latest technology available and are customized to fit behind your teeth.

For more information about Lingual Braces, contact Charleston Orthodontic Specialists at 843-642-8100 to schedule an appointment for your free exam.

After consulting with your orthodontist to learn if lingual braces are the right fit for you, records and measurements of your teeth will be sent to the Harmony Technical Center to create your personalized set of braces. They create a 3D image of your teeth to demonstrate how the braces would fit specifically in your mouth. Digitally customized bracket pads and wires are made just for you through Harmony.


Others won’t be able to even notice that you’re wearing braces with this invisible technology. Braces are usually attached to the front of your teeth, but lingual braces are placed behind them so that only you will know they’re there. This way you’ll be able to continue with a professional job or lifestyle without any aesthetic interruptions.


While you may have some normal discomfort from your teeth moving, lingual braces use self-ligating technology to hold the wire in place, rather than elastic bands. This reduces the amount of pressure on your teeth from the elastics so that your teeth aren’t constantly sore. Lingual braces also reduce the amount of time you have to initially spend in the chair at the orthodontist’s office. Your doctor will be able to bond all the brackets to your teeth at once making your experience there easier and quicker.